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Updated -- 20 July 2011

The essay for this web page was orignally based on an e-mail received July 11, 2002.  The author and when it was written has now been found at... appropriately enough, Near-Death.com. The reader is encouraged to link to the web page there... and then possibly return here. Just keep in mind that the essay you're linking to is highly metaphysical and delves into the deepest of the mysteries of what life, death, love, and the universe are all about.  It is an interpretation, but one that rings true.  It could be construed to be a summary in part of what this extended website is all about -- but one written by someone else.

It’s not the ideal executive summary, however.  It’s more like the understanding we arrive at once we’ve taken The Fool’s Journey  and returned to from whence we began.  If one experiences the bulk of this extended website -- either directly or indirectly from all of life’s diverse experiences and sources -- one might very likely come to agree with what is written here.  Or agree that what is written here is indeed plausible.  There is still the process, the journey, but knowing deep within ourselves that everything’s perfect, that all fears are groundless, tends to put things into perspective.   There’s a comfort level here, as we participate in our Hollywood style traumas and dramas.  Eventually, the movie will be over, and we can then laugh with our friends about its meaning.

The title of this webpage is, of course, a triple pun.  [Figure it out!]  But the treatise linked below is an aspect which seems particularly appropriate.





Siriusly, this pretty much says it all.  Except for your dreams, your visions, your ideas -- all of which you have yet to manifest.  Creating Reality is your birthright.  All the slings and arrows (errors?) of outrageous fortune...  Get Ye Over It.  Strive to be happy.  

And remember:  “Religions is for those who are scared to death of hell.  Spirituality is for those who have been there.” [1]


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[1]  Lauren Artress, Walking a Sacred Path; Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Tool, Riverhead Books, New York, 1995.  [See Labyrinths.]

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