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Satellites of Jupiter

Sixteen of the larger satellites of Jupiter are denoted in the Table below, where it is seen that the ratios of their distances from the giant planet are given in terms of the Golden Mean, F (or f), as well as Fn, Ö2, and e/2 -- the latter being the base of the natural log and one of the three Transcendental Numbers.  This is particularly true of the so-called Galilean satellites (Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto), which have a very strong F connection in their respective distances from the planet.

    Jupiter Satelites    
Moon Radius (equator) Mean Distance Eccentricity Inclination
Metis 12 miles 79,500 miles 0.0000 0.0000°
Adrastea 8 80,100 0.0000 0.0000°
Amalthea 84 112,700 0.0030 0.4000°
Thebe 34 137,900 0.0183 1.0659°
Io 1,128 miles 262,000 miles 0.0040 0.0400°
Europa 975 416,900 0.0090 0.4700°
Ganymede 1,635 664,900 0.0020 0.1950°
Callisto 1,491 1,170,100 0.0070 0.2810°
Leda 5 miles 6,893,800 miles 0.1476 26.0700°
Himalia 58 7,133,700 0.1580 27.6300°
Lysithea 12 7,282,800 0.1070 29.0200°
Elara 24 7,293,400 0.2072 24.7700°
Ananke 9 miles 13,174,000 mile 0.1687 147.0000°
Carme 12 14,044,000 0.2068 163.0000°
Pasiphae 16 14,603,000 0.3780 147.0000°
Sinope 11 14,727,000 0.2750 153.0000°

The degree to which Jupiter’s satellites fall into four groups of four satellites is really quite phenomenal and exceptionally quantum-like in the partiality to certain energetic levels or orbits.  The is particularly true when one realizes that the grouping is by: 1) distance from Jupiter, 2) eccentricity of orbits, 3) inclination of orbits, and 4) approximate size.  (On the other hand, Saturn’s satellites connect with F on only two or three occasions, do not display the same quantum grouping as Jupiter, and appear to be obeying some other -- possibly quantum -- connection(s).)

There is, of course, the possibility that a captured body split into four bodies due to the gravitational attraction of Jupiter (something like the breaking up of Comet Shoemaker Levy into 22 pieces).  But four sets of four?  And how does this explain the connection between the four sets of satellites?

The big four are, of course, the Galilean Satellites, which were named after their discover (and which constituted the first observational evidence in favor of Copernicus’ radical, heretical theory that the Sun was the center of our planetary system, and that it was the Earth revolving about the Sun rather than the other way around).  In many respects the other satellites are not much more than large rocks -- and even possibly asteroids captured from one of the asteroid belts by the gravitational or other attractive qualities of Jupiter.   But even if captured asteroids, why would they gravitate to a particular orbital pattern!?

As for the relative distances from Jupiter, we can begin with the Big Four:  

Europa / Io 416,900 / 262,000 =  1.5912  (F within 98.33% accuracy)
Ganymede / Io 664,900 / 262,000 =  2.5378  (F2 within 96.94%)
Callisto / Io 1,170,100 / 262,000 =  4.4660  (F3 + f3 within 99.86%)
Ganymede / Europa 664,900 / 416,900  =  1.5949  (F within 98.57%)
Callisto / Europa 1,170,100 / 416,900  =  2.8067  (F2 + f3 within 98.33%)
Callisto / Ganymede 1,170,100 / 664,900 =  1.7598  (F + f4 within 99.77%)

Apparently, the Golden Mean is alive and well and living in the neighborhood of Jupiter.  As for the smaller parcels -- most of whom were named after mythological females who were significantly involved with Zeus/Jupiter (the guy really got around, but can you imagine trying to keep all their names straight?  No wonder they called him the King!).  There are more variations, but the theme remains essentially the same.  For example, in the Inner 4:

Ratio of distances of Adrastea and Metis =  1.0075  (obviously 1 within a .75% error)
Ratio of distances of Amalthea and Metis =  1.4176  (Ö2 within 99.76% accuracy)
Ratio of distances of Thebe and Metis =  1.7346  (F + f4 within 98.33% accuracy)
Ratio of distances of Io and Average of inner 4  =  2.5549  (1 + 4 f2 within 98.93% accuracy)  
Average of Galilean / Average of Inner 4 =  6.1285  (10 f within 99.17% accuracy)
Average of Inner 4 to Average of third set  =  11.4156  (30 f within  99.62% accuracy)

Note also that the:

    Average Inclination of Inner Four is     - 0.3665°

    Average Inclination of Galileans is        0.2465°

                                                                   179.9855°  (180° with over 99.99% accuracy)

    Average Inclination of third set is        26.8725°

    Average Inclination of fourth set is    152.5000°

                                                                    179.3725°  (180° within 99.65% accuracy)

This curious balancing of the sixteen Jupiter satellites is not a mass thing (as any one of the Big Four is far more massive than all of the smaller twelve combined).  Instead, the balancing is simply geometrical.  Geometry (and not necessarily physical mass) rules in the orbits and distances of these satellitesWhich is simultaneously both fascinating and incredible.  

Just for fun, we might finally note that:

            1)  Venus Mass / Earth Mass  =  0.81

            2)  Earth Mass / Moon Mass  =  81.3    where    1/81.3  =  0.01230012300123...

            3)  Jupiter Mass / Earth Mass  =  318

            4)  Jupiter Diameter / Saturn Diameter  =  88,700/75,100  =  1.1811

(5/25/06) For more fun, Graham Stevens has noted in Jupiter's Dance that Jupiter may also be having a major effect on Earth. Specifically, Jupiter -- along with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune contributing less influences -- may be influencing Solar Activity (such as sun spots), which may in turn be connected with increased power and number of earthquakes and volcanic activity.

But for those into even more fun, there’s always (if you haven’t been there already):  


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