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EPR Experiment

The Einstein-Poldalsky-Rosen Experiment (the EPR Experiment) has been described by several authors.   

Herbert [1] describes the situation of two quantum particles which are once together flying apart and being measured at two distant locations. There exists a connection between the particles such that the fact of an observation of particle A is relayed to the distant particle B, it such a manner that the communication, “does not diminish with distance, cannot be shielded, and travels faster than light.”  The fact of the two particles once being together is sufficient to mingle the particles’ phases (which the author refers to as “quantum phase entanglement”).  This results in the effect being “non-local” (whereas all ordinary light-speed-limited forces are referred to as “local”).  

Subsequently, Irish physicist John Stewart Bell showed that “all conceivable models of Reality must incorporate this instant connection.”  Bell’s Theorem is a mathematical proof that reality must be non-local.  This result is fundamentally important!  Connective Physics, and the Mathematical Theory (i.e. the “proof”) behind The Fifth Element all point to the same conclusion: local reality cannot be isolated from the universe.  

Another view of the EPR concept is to conceive of a pair of two particles traveling in opposite directions, and required by the Pauli Exclusion Principle to have opposite spins. (The Pauli Exclusion Principle may be considered to be absolutely essential to any viable theory of quantum mechanics, and in fact was the key link in which Einstein, et al hoped to disprove the quantum theory.  It just didn’t work out too well -- the EPR Experiment has become a major supporting milestone for Quantum Physics.  Bummer.)  

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...  When the spin of one particle is unilaterally changed, an astounding experimental result is that the second particle’s spin “immediately” flips of its own accord (and thus maintains the validity of the Pauli Exclusion Principle).  Furthermore, the means by which the information of the first spin flip is transferred to the second particle (so that it too can flip) is information which is required to travel faster than the speed of light.  While the information transfer may not be simultaneous (limits on the experimental apparatus prohibits any proof of simultaneity), it nevertheless -- within the time frame of the Planck constant or speeds in excess of the speed of light -- must connects the two particles in some fundamental manner.  

One of the assumptions of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle -- which is seldom addressed, at least, in its traditional interpretation -- is that it assumes an isolated system.  This system may include the particle and the measuring device, but this slightly larger system is nevertheless assumed to be isolated from the rest of the universe.  In most presentations of the Principle, however, this assumption is not stated explicitly but is instead, an implied assumption.   

However, if there is any aspect of Quantum Mechanics which has been thoroughly driven home to date, it is that there are no isolated systems -- and not just in terms of being able to observe a so-called isolated system.  In effect, the reason, the why of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle appears to be that at the level of the Planck scale, the elementary particles are connected with the other elementary particles in the universe. Within very small time increments (again on the Planck scale), these same elementary particles are sharing their energy with the rest of the universe.  (They may even be thought of as blinking in and out of existence.)  This is the basis of inertia, of Mach’s Principle, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, David Bohm’s holographic universe, and the EPR experiment.  

Furthermore, this may be thought of as the premise of Connective Physics, Zero-Point Energy, The Fifth Element, Hyperdimensional Physics, Bell’s Theorem, and spiritual traditions throughout the world.  

Get used to being connected!


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[1]        Herbert, N., 1998, <http://mail.cruzio.com/~quanta/bell.html>



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