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The Hyper-D Physics Connection

In his paper entitled “Hubble’s New Runaway Planet,” (www.enterprisemission.com), Richard Hoagland explains the forgotten 19th Century scientific theories of Hyperdimensional Physics.  These theories were initially proposed over a hundred years ago by various scientists, and were updated in this Century by Faraday and Maxwell.  In a nutshell, what hyperdimensional physics tells us is that three dimensional physical phenomena, perhaps including human consciousness itself, are dependent upon higher dimensional realities for their existence.                      

Hyper-D physics hypothesizes that the basic laws of the three-dimensional world are united in four dimensional space, but merely “look different because of the resulting crumpled geometry of 3-D reality.”  This is a major break with Newtonian laws of “action at a distance.”  Instead it proposes that such “forces” are a “direct result of objects moving through 3-D space geometry… distorted by the intruding geometry of 4-D space.”  In essence, the laws of nature become simpler in higher dimensions because of the effect of geometric spatial distortions in the 3-D world.                  

The implications stemming from this model—the dynamic hyperspace foundations of reality—completely demolish our current view of reality.  For, according to Hoagland’s research, the “tail wags the dog.”  Hyper-D physics is the only model that can explain how the planets are completely capable of exerting a determinant influence on the Sun and on each other through their disproportionate ratio of total solar system angular momentum.                 

Suffice to say, according to Hoagland, we are simply entering once again, after 13,000 years (which incidentally is equal to the Mayan “Baktun” cycle) “a phase of this recurring, grand solar system cycle of renewed hyperdimensional restructuring of reality.”  And, as Hoagland notes, this may even be due to the presence of a particularly enormous solar system body which has just recently come into view, thanks to the Hubble telescope.                     

As Hoagland notes, something strange is indeed happening in the solar system.  One of the effects is that the official Cesium Atomic Clock has had to be adjusted by over 20 seconds in the last two decades; approximately a full second every six months.  The official atomic clock is supposedly theoretically stable to plus or minus one second in a million years.  To Hoagland, this suggests a progressive phase-shift is occurring between the Earth’s rotation and the atomic-level constants that govern the quantum standards of the atomic clock.  

The growing difference between dynamic time and atomic time is compelling evidence of large scale changes in the hyperspatial physics of the solar system.  It is possible, Hoagland explains, that hyperspatial stresses are due to the progressive orbital movement of as-yet undiscovered outer planets, which are causing increasing scalar potential changes across the entire solar system at the atomic level.  Clocks are changing because the Earth’s rotation is changing, but the Earth is essentially slowing down due to changing phase relationships between undiscovered outer planets in the outer solar system!  There can be no doubt that something is out there!  And this something is quite capable of “making and remaking” the Earth, including seriously affecting the orbital rotation time of the planet.  

It’s also interesting to note that if orbital revolution is directly related to the passage of time, does this affect the aging process of the life forms on the planet?  Could the presence of Marduk/Planet X be a possible explanation for the longer ages of the Old Testament patriarchs?  Also, does “making and remaking the Earth” refer to a higher vibrational consciousness referred to as 4th dimensional consciousness?  Is there then a relationship between the end of the Mayan Baktun cycle and the coming of Planet X?  In any case, these bizarre “new age” concepts seem to be making more and more scientific sense.                     

Such a distant and large solar system body will also have a huge effect on total solar hyperdimensional energy generation, Hoagland notes.  He explains, unknown “worlds,” or planets, can produce long-term cyclical changes in solar output lasting thousands of years (i.e. a “World Age”?).   In fact, such a geometrical relationship has already been established between the changing positions of Jupiter and Saturn relative to each other. Hoagland wonders, if the known changes in solar output are due to hyperdimensional effects of the largest known planets, what might be the effect of the magnitude of “aether stress” produced by these newfound planets, which have angular momentum contributions hundreds of times greater?  He notes that the long-term cyclic increase in solar energy created by those cyclic phasings could measure as much as several percent above current solar output.  Needless to say, this could trigger profound climatic changes on Earth.                     

In short, the idea advanced extraterrestrial space travelers could apply hyperdimensional technology to engineer orbital catastrophic management projects is actually within the realm of possibility.  After all, we must consider the type of technology that would be important to an intelligent civilization living on what constitutes a runaway wrecking ball. Might the technology of such a society be based on the altruistic behavior of running ahead and moving objects out of its path, and running back to tidy up the bowling alley afterward?  Might the technology also be based on placing and replacing the genetic stock of life or hyperdimensional technology using light and sound vibrational levers to lift the Earth globe right out of the 3rd dimension in order to avoid a head-on collision with the oncoming planet?  Could this be a hint as to the meaning behind the message: “makes and remakes the Earth on its near passage?”                      

In light of information regarding hyperspace reality, it appears we have come full circle. Human knowledge has a way of biting itself on the ass.  For, as the pioneering work of 19th Century physicists tells us: “The existence of unseen hyperspatial realities, through information transfer between dimensions, are the literal ‘foundation substrate’ maintaining the reality of everything in this dimension.”                     

In assimilating this information into our world view, we have to realize that our science is missing large areas of information with regard to geometric interplanetary relationships in our solar system’s cosmic dance, and the peculiar physics of a shared outer solar system planet or twin sun scenario, and the connection this might have on both Earth’s climate and rotation, and also, as strange as it may sound, on space-time reality and human Consciousness.                     

How much meaning can we, in our modern secular world view, place on the distant effects of interplanetary hyperspace gematria?  In our blindness to important scientific discoveries of a hundred years ago, there is no context to explain these compelling synchronicities.  Conceptually speaking, we have nowhere to put this bizarre information. But we need to become aware that a Glass Bead Game of enormous importance is beginning to take shape, and all hands are needed on deck to decipher the mathematical codes of this information.  We are being spoken to in a forgotten ancient language, and we’ve got to wake up fast to the meaning of the message.  


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