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Missing 13th Amendment?

Updated -- 7 October 2010

The idea of there being a missing 13th Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America -- one surreptitiously lost and replaced by the current 13th Amendment -- is essentially another of the theories of Conspiracies.  The gist of the idea is that England did not take losing the American Colonies at all well, and instead contrived to re-establish control, but decided to do so covertly.  The idea was that if someone does not know they’re subjects of a crown and under the king’s control, then that same someone is very unlikely to rebel from or forge a rebellion against said king or monarch.  Verrrrrry clever.

There is, for example, the very strange circumstance of the Queen of England knighting Rudy Guilliano, the former mayor of New York City, for his actions during 9-11-2001, and his leadership in the aftermath of that disaster.  Why the Queen of England would have anything to do with what’s happening in New York City is a total puzzlement... Unless there is still a covert, secret arrangement between England and the United States -- a tie that binds known only to high ranking officials of either side.  Of course, if they're Americans who know this and conspire to keep the secret, then they may also be deemed traitors to their country.            

The proposed scenario begins with the allegation, that, “After the Revolutionary War of 1776 was over -- since no actual surrender papers had been signed -- King George III decided that the colonies still belonged to him, to England, and all that remained was for him to figure out how to get them back again under his direct control.  To do this he supposedly determined to use the banks, both of the United States and of England, as one method.  But to underpin his efforts, he needed lawyers or attorneys here in the ‘colonies’ to make it all happen.  The ‘legal’ ramifications of how things had to be brought about had become an important issue to England ever since the days of the Magna Carta.

It has been said (and sorry, but, no; I can't find the exact reference for this quote),

"Lawyers, known more prominently as Barristers, had arisen to great power in England since the days of the old knights.   But the battle by these heirs of knighthood this time was forged against good and not evil, for this new thing that the People in America were calling ‘freedom’ was a dangerous consideration for a King.  

"King George needed the lawyers or attorneys over in the Colonies to be members, or Esquires, of England’s International Bar Association, the only Bar association in the world, headquartered right in good old London town and under his own direct control, but with operations established in the United States, with certain strong ties into the Congress.  The International Bar Association was alive and well in America.      

" That thing called ‘Freedom’ would soon come to its own end.   So said King George.  

"The Bar was England’s own British Accreditation Registry, its members were considered to be nobles -- being above the common person, and all lawyers or attorneys had to belong to it, and they were under the will of the King, and the Bank of England.  And if there was any opposition to his plan, he might just cause another WAR to maintain his position for control of the United States.  He just might...”  

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  

We now fast forward to consider an interesting legal issue.  “According to this and many other sources, there was a 13th Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America -- not the one that we think we have now --  that was removed during the time just before or during the Civil War.  

In the winter of 1983, archival research expert David Dodge, and former Baltimore police investigator Tom Dunn were searching for evidence of government corruption in public records stored in the Belfast Library on the coast of Maine.   By chance, they allegedly discovered the library’s oldest authentic copy of the Constitution of the United States (printed in 1825).  Both men were stunned to see this document included a 13th Amendment that no longer appears on current copies of the Constitution.  Moreover, after studying the Amendment’s language and historical context, they realized the principle intent of this ‘missing’ 13th Amendment was to prohibit lawyers, particularly members of the Bar association, from serving in government!  Our government!  

“This missing 13th Amendment suppressed and even stopped the forming or continued existence of any Bar association for over four decades, from 1822 to 1867, and evidence of its existence has been found in over 10 different states and territories throughout the United States.  

“How did a lawfully ratified Amendment to the Constitution of the United States simply disappear, vanish, without so much as a nod of disturbance or at least some curiosity from the American people?  And an Amendment that deliberately targeted attorneys who were members of the Bar association, to prevent Bar members from holding any public office --  thereby preventing attorneys from passing legislation that would most assuredly serve the greedy and nefarious interests of not only the Bar association itself, but also the King of England, right along with the other royal heads of Europe?  So that WE might not be conquered from within as opposed to without?”

For more information
on this intriguing possibility, check out http://www.amendment-13.org/. Another site with considerable detail is: http://www.w3f.com/patriots/13/13th-01.html. And once you've done all that, decide for yourself what makes the most sense. Just don't forget Sir Rudy!


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