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Short Stories

Updated -- 2 April 2004

The six short stories included in this collection have as a common characteristic, reference to Robert Frost’s famous phrase, “A road less traveled.”  Aye, and that indeed “has made all the difference.”  There is also the hint that untrafficed areas lead to surprising results in what we might otherwise expect from the normal, day-to-day business at hand.

Omegan’s Great Door -- The destiny of each of the sequential leaders of what appears to be a cult -- those who in their spiritual quest finally qualify to go beyond Omegan’s Door -- find a surprise or two on the other side.  The end result is, perhaps, a lesson to be learned by all cults, gatherings, and tightly controlled organizations, whatever their intentions.


Under Construction

(Some of the stories below are currently being reformatted)

The Ascent -- An allegory of the spiritual life, involving a “road less traveled”.

The Fat Lady Is Singing -- A dialogue of perceptions of the future.  Less fictional than perhaps one might prefer.

A Falling Sparrow -- A conflict between adherence to religious duties and the pursuit of happiness.  More notably, the implications of having to find a resolution on how to live between the rock and the hard place.

We’re Not at War -- A short story on which Paint Out the Numbers was based.  (In case you’re in a hurry, for some reason or another.)

The Last Journal --  A vanished scientist  -- via the words in his Last Journal -- leads an investigator on an astounding path of discovery, which initially intrigues and then beckons him to go, where only few, if any, have gone before -- on roads less traveled on.


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