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Calvin and Hobbes

In one of the best commentaries on the state of -- what is perhaps best described as The Public Education Nightmare, Calvin, the notorious kid of whom every elementary school trembles in fear at the very mention of his name, was once asked by his father...  

            “Calvin, why don’t you do better in school?  I know you’re smart enough.  For example, you already know the names of every dinosaur there ever was, how to spell their names, now to pronounce them -- which even I have trouble with.  You even know their habits...  You know all about dinosaurs, so I know you’re capable of learning.  So why don’t you do better in school?”  

            Calvin answered, “Because they don’t teach dinosaurs.”  

That succinct phrase pretty much says it all.  Schools don’t teach, or better yet, attract the students by capitalizing on the student’s interests.  Dinosaurs, for example, could be used to teach reading, writing, even arithmetic!  (Not to mention history, geology, science...)  Even something as typically ignored as poetry could be taught with a judicious selection of modern song lyrics -- and probably a good bit of sociology and other subjects from the same source.  There is wisdom, for example, in the lyrics from the Alan Parsons Project: “The game never ends, when your whole life depends, on the turn of a friendly card.”  

Calvin seems to have the answer.  If you want his attention, then show a little creativity and make it obvious why the young student should even bother.  This is especially true in that Calvin is very typical of the Indigo Children, and as such must be honored as the divine being that he is.  Besides, if you’re not careful, you could have a Tiger named Hobbes stalking you.  

For more fun link to  <http://www.ucomics.com/calvinandhobbes/>.  

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