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In any attempt involving Creating Reality, the first order of business is to assume total self-responsibility for the reality you are endeavoring to create.  This includes health!



The information contained within the pages of this website is for educational purposes only.  Nothing set forth herein is intended to be medical advice or able to be construed as such.  This discussion is private in its entirety and non-negotiable between the parties.  Anyone acting on any of the contents herein does so solely on the basis of her or his own volition and at his or her own risk.  Everyone has the duty and absolute right to think, evaluate, research, learn, and act autonomously.  It would appear prudent for anyone to refrain from adopting any course of action without first understanding the basis and reasons thereof, including seeking the advice of trained, licensed professionals.


The bulk of modern medicine is predicated on two concepts:  Scapegoatology, and the lesser of two weevils, Woundology.   

Scapegoatology shifts the burden of responsibility for any disease, injury, and/or ill feeling (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual) to external events and/or people.  As Flip Wilson was fond of saying, “The Devil made me do it!”  The idea is to find someone or some thing to blame (and woe to the observer who points out that “maybe the problem is your lifestyle -- what you eat (or don’t eat) [Theory of Eating], what you do (or don’t do), and/or what you inherited (or didn’t inherit).  (The latter in the vein of the sufferer of chronic flatulence, who was immortalized in the book and movie, Inherit the Wind.)  Scapegoatology may even include blaming germs, parasites, drugs, and the Fates.  

Woundology, on the other hand, is making the best of disease, injury, and/or ill feeling by the simple expedient of using one’s wounds as a means of eliciting compassion, sympathy, or allowance for all the silly and nasty things one typically does.  Woundology, as such, is a manipulative technique, wherein the claim that one has been injured is sufficient for the other party to make allowances, give in on arguments, and in general acquiesce to whatever the one with the most wounds wants.  (It can even become a competition.)  

Heaven only knows there are enough alleged evil doers in health and wellness to cover virtually every scapegoatee.  There include the legalized Drug Pushers (along with their allopathic co-conspirators -- including governments), Medical Organizations specializing in conflicts of interest (and Iatrogenic techniques), and a captive Media promoting all of the above.  Then there are the environmental and societal hazards which produce ill health, reduced immunity, heightened susceptibility, and debilitating stress (such as Microwaves and EMF Hazards), increased Suicide and Homicide Rates, imbalances in the Female/ Male Ratio birth rates, and Stress and Longevity connections.  Then there is the official denial of alternative treatments (ranging from Essiac to PTSD therapies).  

So what’s a health nut to do?  Possibly take responsibility for one’s own health?  Perhaps doing some homework: reading, researching, thinking, exercising some Discrimination between truth and fantasy, understanding the truth of placebos, and paying attention to the body’s responses to what you eat, do, and most importantly, think?  Why not?  Repeat after me: pay attention to what you think, recognize the responsibility of Creating Reality includes health as much as relationships, employment, and any other pursuit of happiness.  And while you’re at it, give up Scapegoatology and Woundology.  They really aren’t helping.  One degrades your own power, while the other provides an unneeded crutch.  Total acceptance of the authority of the medical doctor -- as in the case, for example, of needlessly inducing labor -- is one thing the sovereign individual must never do. (4/1/07) Another more radical notion is the routine and unwarranted circumcision of male infants or children. Rather than allowing males to make their own decision after they've come of age, others have superceded all bounds of freedom of choice and performed genital mutilation somewhat akin to forms of female genital cutting.

It’s also important to understand the advice from many reality-based health professionals, advice which comes under the category of Health Tips.  In other words, laughter is the best medicine, and has cured -- in conjunction with one’s mental attitude (or latitude) -- more people than anything else!  Think of life as a drama with a LOT of comic relief!  Or an opportunity to gather material for a stand up comic routine in the afterlife.  Or as noted by Voltaire, “God is a comedian playing to an audience too scared to laugh.”  It might be wise to consider forgetting the drama aspect altogether.  

The idea of Laughter being the best medicine cannot be overemphasized.  Laughing can be highly aerobic, and improves breathing.  Breathing is good for you.  But heavy breathing is even better for you.  This is why laughing, athletics, and sex are so life-enhancing.  Sex is often the choice of millions, but does require an enthusiastic and willing partner for best results.  (But if necessary... for the sake of one’s health and well being...)  Athletics is also good, provided one does not do the male or female macho thing and find new and clever ways to thoroughly wound a body.  But the greatest of these if laughter.  Finding humor in virtually everything.  Detaching from the drama (since it’s your body being pummeled), and seeing life objectively.  It’s really a riot, particularly when you take the long view.    

Meanwhile, there is also the distinct possibility that one does not get well, recover, or bounce back from any accident or illness because of any health professional intervention. Instead, wellness returns because of the body and mind’s inherent ability to heal itself.  To paraphrase the well known charge:  “Patient, Heal Thyself.”  The health professional’s job is often nothing more than buying time for the patient to redirect their focus toward healing, and at the same time, facilitating the process whereby the patient decides they are going to get better (because of being cared for).  And thus they promptly get better!  

One cancer doctor was known for this innovative approach.  When telling someone that they had cancer, he would inform them that 3 out of 10 people would recover from the disease of which they had just been diagnosed.  The doctor would then ask the patient if they wanted to be one of the three survivors.  One might think that everyone would opt for this choice, but many, in fact, don’t.  The three out of 10 who do, would choose to get well.  They had made the choice.  And inevitably, they returned to health.  

But don’t go extreme on us.  While the ability of modern medicine to deal with chronic medical problems (those that just go on and on) appears to be seriously limited, the ability of modern medicine to deal with acute medical problems (e.g. emergency rooms) is really quite good.  The difference is that in an emergency room, the techniques are designed to buy time for the patient, time for their immune system to come to the rescue, and often time for the mind to regain a conscious control of the healing process.  Creating one’s own reality often requires a time buffer (so we don’t go off half-cocked on ill-thought-out visions).  Thus if you’re bleeding profusely, stop the bleeding as the top priority.  The laughing therapy can be included early on, but it’s really best to stop the bleeding first!  Do it now!  Don’t be a “bleeding heart”.  Among other things, it ruins the carpet.  (And you just know how angry she’s going to be when she finds her carpet ruined!)  

A few other things you can eliminate in your healing are: Fear, Resentment, Anger, Guilt, and embarrassment.  The first four come under the category of the computer equivalent of deFRAGing, i.e. just get rid of all four.  Fear might be helpful as a survival tool, but the alternative is dying and going to the bliss of heaven...  So just exactly what is the problem?  As for the other three, these are unbelievably useless emotions!  Forget them!  Let ‘em go!  As the sign over the doorway into Jitterbug Perfume’s hell read: “Lighten up.”  I.e., unload the baggage!  (It’ll just get lost/destroyed/mutilated in the airline baggage handling system anyway!)  Or has been previously mentioned, Get Ye Over It.  

Finally... Embarrassment?  Was there really a fifth element of... well, you know: shame?  Seriously, one of the first reactions to a diagnosis such as cancer or the equivalent is embarrassment, the idea that maybe one is not as brilliantly evolved as had been promoted all those years.  The idea one might die early -- or lose one’s hair, mobility, or just throw up a lot -- is not one of the characteristics of the witty, personable, handsome or beautiful, charming, life of the party, or steadfast rock that we may like to envision ourselves.  It’s embarrassing to admit that we’re not quite perfect.  (It’s also an enormous temptation to slip into Woundology or Scapegoatology.)  [This of course doesn’t apply to me at all!]  

Instead, think of any diagnosis as a wake-up call.  Hello?  Are you listening?  If so, then what is really important here?  What do you really want to do?  To be?  Why wait?  


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