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Indianapolis!?  Are you kidding me!?  All those wonderful web pages to link to, all the opportunities to learn something really useful, all the incredible, astounding possibilities, and you, an allegedly intelligent...  You head for Indianapolis!????  Are you demented?Donít you know that thereís a good reason why they keep Indianapolis in Indiana?Iím very disappointed in you; not to mention the other misguided souls who have inexplicably arrived here.OR did you find your way here with a complaint or comment to the webmaster?  And you thought you could voice that complaint, or that anyone would care?  Fascinating!Just kidding (also known as a grin; aka <g>).   Itís just that all Labyrinth-like or maze-like websites should have at least one dead end. 

This is it.  

Now use your ďbackĒ button, and resolve to never more to be misled (or if youíre in the process of a methodical approach in reading every scrap of this website, receive your just deserts (I think it's lemon charlotte cake) by linking to Justice, Order, and Law).

And for those offended by this diversionary jibe at the lovely city of Indianapolis, get over yourself! It's a joke. Geez!

Besides... There's always France!


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