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Halexandria is an effort inspired by the ancient city of Alexandria , Egypt . There the Great Lighthouse (the Pharos, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World) along with the Libraries and Museion of Alexandria were conceived and built.  The achievement was such that Alexandria became during Ptolemaic times the center of eclectic learning and ecumenical thought and philosophy for the entire ancient world.   

The modern version, renamed Halexandria, is conceptually designed to be a center for knowledge, philosophy, and wisdom which will strive to combine the benefits of state-of-the-art technology with ancient, traditional and modern schools of thought.  In addition to a Pharos (designed to attract thoughtful people from every locale to Halexandria and its potential), Halexandria intends to be the principal center for an Internet Library of esoteric (“for the few”) and exoteric (“for the many”) wisdom and knowledge (ultimately, a database of all human understanding).  Halexandria will also include a free-for-the-asking University of the same Internet genre to direct and formalize studies within the Library, and in addition, a Museion (“Seat of the Muses”) to provide for the dissemination and transmission of such ecumenical philosophies via the communicative/entertainment arts.   

Simultaneously, Halexandria will create a Community of people joyously living in a new civilization paradigm of freedom, creativity, and diversity of interests. In this respect, the Community will endeavor to utilize sustainable, ecological and decentralized technologies, all of which are designed to maximize the opportunity for individuals and groups to pursue and achieve their most cherished goals within a paradigm of joy, compassion and abundance.  Experimentation in social structures, legal affairs, economics, education, and other basic attributes of community and culture will be designed to lead to a living environment filled with promise and individual creativity.  

Halexandria will also pursue within the context of a City and society, the formation of an Alliance of sovereign enclaves of groups and other formalized organizations.  Each of these separate enclaves -- of all imaginable sizes and dimensions -- will exist within the Alliance in the manner of nation-states, but with the proviso of each enclave agreeing to certain fundamental minimum standards of human behavior, e.g. the Constitution for the United States of America or the Constitution of Halexandria.  The Alliance is intended to provide an absolute minimum foundation of individual freedom and liberty, while the separate enclaves within the Alliance will consist of individuals voluntarily agreeing to any additional rules and regulations of behavior within their own community that they may so choose.  Additionally, sovereign individuals may choose to belong and adhere to the rules of more than one enclave -- e.g. a corporation, religion, community, and/or political group -- or act entirely independently.  A principal early goal in the formation of the Alliance is the adoption of a Constitution; one modeled after the Constitution for the United States of America, but strengthening the concept of a Republic of individual freedom and liberty.  

The Principles/Values of Halexandria are written in the Constitution of Halexandria.  These fundamental principles, which are inalienable, inviolate, and visibly manifest as inherent to all of humanity’s constructive endeavors, are the foundation of Halexandria.  

The paradigm of Halexandria emphasizes the appreciation and encouragement of human diversity, an unremitting respect for free will, and the extension of opportunities for the fullest possible development and positive expression of human potential.   

·        A diversity of viewpoints, which is based on the widest possible compass of cultures, traditions, processes, and ultimate aspirations, is deemed an essential ingredient in the development of knowledge, and as such will be actively supported by Halexandria. 

·        The basis of adequately acknowledging the free will of all sentient beings is that one does not attempt to “save” or “help” others without their express permission, and that in lieu of such activist activities, the participants and residents of Halexandria will limit themselves to serving as an example of a New Civilized paradigm.

·        Opportunity will be exemplified by Halexandria actively encouraging its participants to involve themselves in individual and group creativity, inner development and unbridled expression, and all positive aspects which are capable of being manifested by human beings in their quest for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  

To these ends and within a new paradigm of joy, compassion and abundance, The City, Library, University, Museion, and Pharos of Halexandria are being continually created.  

The initial Focus of Halexandria is seven-fold:  

·        Research, develop, and initiate the early manufacturing and distribution of one or more Free Energy and/or Inertial Propulsion devices which are ecologically sound, locally controlled, sustainable in the long term, and have virtually inexhaustible fuel supplies.  Such engineering will be in line with Connective Physics (including possibly The Fifth Element, Zero-Point Energy, or other means already discussed in New Energy Ramifications).  As such, this activity and its future production would be intended to provide substantial, future income to Halexandria for its long term financial viability (essentially governmental royalties in lieu of taxes).  These devices will, furthermore, be based on a new scientific paradigm of connectedness and unlimited resources -- thus perpetuating the most basic principles of Halexandria.

·        Create a Community based upon the principles and values of Halexandria and which include innovations in self-sufficiency, agriculture, energy, Education, economics, health, social structure, communications (including extensive Internet accessibility), legal affairs, habitat, utilities, internal/external transportation, and outreach activities.  Potential residents and participants of The City of Halexandria -- including those involved with its principal goals (the Library, University, Museion, Pharos, research in new science), the supporting subculture, and those creative individuals simply benefiting from the local atmosphere -- include those individuals, families, and groups who wish to: 1) become intimately involved in the details of a designing a community of between one and ten thousand individuals (i.e. acquire a vested interest in the City), 2) live within the City itself, and 3) become involved in the establishment of the Alliance.  A common trait of such individuals might well be that they have become disenchanted with the old civ paradigms, and at the same time are willing to make a substantial effort in creating a new civilization -- one which may act as an example, but which does not otherwise attempt to impose its solutions and patterns on others.  Such participants are expected to be tolerant, open-minded, curious, creative, optimistic, light-hearted, and -- as the primary non-negotiable criteria -- possess a sense of humor.

·        Enlarge The Library of ialexandriah, a freely accessed (via Inter Net) collection of knowledge, specifically designed -- initially as a user-friendly repository of esoteric and previously suppressed knowledge, information and wisdom -- and as time progresses, a complete database of all information and wisdom (including the practical, theoretical, and philosophical) known to or obtainable from humanity and other forms of life.  The vision of The Library is to provide a repository and omni-source for that universal knowledge which emphasizes the inter-connectedness of all life.  All knowledge contained within the confines of the Library will be available to all sentient beings via the Internet -- although in some cases some information may be available only have certain prerequisites have been met (i.e. the study and understanding of certain critical subjects which form the foundation of the information).  A process of synthesis and connectedness will be emphasized, whereby seemingly separate elements or diverse ideas can be structured into a connected whole. Cooperation between elements will be stressed vice competition.  Divergent theories will be offered with the recipient being allowed to exercise their own sense of discrimination in choosing the more likely theory.  Specific agendas or political philosophies will not be promulgated, and on the contrary, critical analysis of such philosophies will be available.

·        Create, with The Library of Halexandria as a base, a free University of ialexandriah capable of innovative teaching techniques and providing students of all interests and ages with information, knowledge, theories, studies, assisted learning and assessment methodologies, testing and accreditation (as necessary), and student interactions on multiple, beneficial levels.  Most aspects of the University will be accessible and its primary business conducted via the Internet, although examinations for individuals desiring certification in courses or degrees may be administered by local testing organizations with grading and pass/fair determinations being made by the University of Halexandria.  All subjects of a world class library/university will be included, but Halexandria will also delve into subjects, theories, and unsubstantiated but potentially relevant considerations, in order to ensure that the recipient has access to all forms of knowledge without censorship of any kind (academic, scholastic, racial, or religious). Initially, Halexandria will emphasize esoteric subjects (vice exoteric), including but not limited to:  sacred geometry, true history (including such divergent theories as those of Immanuel Velikovsky, Laurence Gardner, Zecharia Sitchin, Arthur Young, David Bohm, et al), those realms of astronomy which are currently avoided in mainstream astronomy journals (divergent cosmologies, electromagnetic influences, comets bearing life or sentient beings, Extraterrestrial Life...), theories in physics which are currently ignored (EPR Experiment, Bell’s Theorem, Zero-Point Energy, vacuum polarization, Superconductivity, inter and/or Hyperdimensional Physics, Superstrings,

·        Create alongside the Library and free University, The Museion ialexandriah, an audio/visual media center for the conception, production and distribution of materials which take full advantage of state-of-the-art electronics, computers, and special effects.  Products may vary from cassette tapes to major motion pictures, constrained in their content and presentation only by the principles and values of Halexandria.  Productions by individuals and groups independent of Halexandria will be acquired and incorporated into the dissemination of knowledge and wisdom via the Library, University, and Museion (“seat of the Muses”) of Halexandria.

·        The sixth element of Halexandria is The Pharos ialexandriah.  The “Pharos” is traditionally a lighthouse or beacon to guide sailors to a safe harbor. As part of the City, Library, University, and Museion’s joint commitment to serve as an example of the advantages of a New Civ paradigm structure and livability, the City and its attributes will also undertake specific near-term objectives which are assured of gaining significantly increased public visibility to the overall effort, and thereby acting as a “lighthouse” to attract weary travelers of every description.

·        In addition to the initiation of these programs, which will act as the early fundamental economic and activity base of the enclave of Halexandria, there will be a major effort toward the establishment of a constitutional Alliance.  This Alliance will be designed to provide a more perfect union of sovereign individuals, their dependents, and fellow beings -- to provide a social contract which ensures the mutual welfare, supports the diverse individual goals and pursuits of happiness, and provides for maximum achieve-ment by individuals, groups, societies, and civilizations.  Seven essential ingredients of the constitution include:  Adherence to the limitations of Common Law, a Republic form of restricted government, Civil Voluntary Arbitration, all Trials by Jury, Jubilee provisions, and Seventh-Generation Acknowledgment.  

Some Clarifications  

The Library, University, Museion, and Pharos will utilize the talents and abilities of individuals and groups not necessarily located on site or within the local community of Halexandria itself.  While the Community will act as a central focus of these activities -- including coordination and specific task development -- a majority of the specific tasks will likely occur off-site, primarily (but not exclusively) in other like-minded communities.  

While the Library, University, Museion, and Pharos activities, and the Energy and Transportation research, development and production efforts will initially dominate the activities and focus of the Community, alternative community goals and aspirations will also be encouraged -- with the single proviso that such alternate activities do not conflict in any manner with Halexandria’s Mission Statement and fundamental founding principles.   

The intent of the Community’s founding is to maximize the opportunity for each and every participant to effectively do their own thing, all within the structure of the community.  While the Community might encourage all participants to be involved in any and all community activities, its respect for diversity ensures the allowance of individuals and groups to be only marginally involved in the joint activities of the other community participants, and in fact guarantees them their right to choose, if any, those community activities with which they will involve themselves.  

The same intent applies to the founding of the Alliance, where individual enclaves (individuals, families, partnerships, groups, corporations, religions, communities, nations, and civilizations) are allowed the inalienable right to govern themselves -- within the basic minimum standards posed by the Alliance with regard to individual freedom and liberty.  In this regard, the City of Halexandria constitutes a single separate enclave of the Alliance.           

Participation in the community of Halexandria is envisioned to initially be a “transition community” where the valid concepts of the Old Civilization are intermingled with the more unique concepts of a new paradigm.  Subsequently, the Community will evolve into an enclave within the structure of the Alliance.  The participants in the Community are expected to be a wide variety of individuals whose commonality is that they are disenchanted with the Old Civ, but not quite so angry as to go to war or otherwise attempt to impose their disenchantment on others.  Other distinguishing characteristics of such participants are that they are those neighbors, friends and associates one might encounter anywhere, but where each of the participants have made the fundamental decision that a greatly improved quality of life for all is possible and are willing to commit their futures and fortunes to making that possibility a reality.  

Participants are expected to be open-minded, tolerant, curious, creative, optimistic, light hearted, and possess a keen sense of humor.  The degree to which participants in the community should be independent and self-reliant is that they are independent enough to choose on a moment’s notice upon whom they will be dependent -- and that this choice can be changed at any future time.           

Common, shared philosophies of Halexandria Community Participants, as well as (to a lesser degree) members of the Alliance would include:   

·        A profound appreciation for the diversity and potential of humankind. Anything is possible, and the means to get there are varied and multiple -- each with equal validity.  Furthermore, highly structured, rigid organizations require a great deal of energetic input in order to remain viable; while chaotic, diversified and highly flexible structures require little or no energetic input.  The latter is thus preferred.

·        A respect for the free will of others.  Anyone can serve as an example, but there is a fundamental assumption that no one is sufficiently omniscience to know how to “save” others.  This principle also addresses the subject of empowerment:  By serving only as an example, no individual or group will attempt to dis-empower someone by “inflicting their solution” onto the person or persons “to be saved.”  In this way, others should be allowed to follow their own destiny regardless of the apparent advisability of doing so.

·        A sense that compassion and restoration are often far more essential than obligations, retribution, karma, enforcement, and transient moralities.

·        An appreciation for the concept of Seventh Generation Acknowledgment. The effects of all decisions on the seventh generation of the decision makers must be incorporated into all decisions and their implementation.  This is effectively an environmental impact statement on the longer-range future, but a concept which goes far beyond ecological concerns to include all decisions by a community.

·        An understanding of the limitations of democracy. A fundamental potential flaw to democracy is the potential for a “tyrannical majority”.  The City will therefore strive to ensure the equal rights of any minority and to encourage consensus in decision making processes, including specifically wide-scale, all-inclusive, participatory government.

·        An advocacy for Common Law. An individual is allowed to do anything they choose, provided that they do not infringe upon the equal rights of others (nor upon their property) and that they do what they (with full knowledge) agree to do.  This might be thought of as constituting the effective elimination of so-called “victimless crimes”.

·        A recognition that many individuals, for whatever reason, do not wish to be sovereign.  Such individuals may prefer to voluntarily join others in organizations, corporations, or groups which limit freedoms and individual liberty, but which from the individual’s viewpoint includes compensating advantages.  Such diverse enclaves are encouraged within the umbrella of the Alliance, provided that said individuals always have the right to freely depart any enclave without undue interference or equity restriction, and that such enclaves do not attempt to impose their limitations on other enclaves.

·        A belief in natural and unconditional abundance.  It is possible to have all the joys and comforts of life without diminishing the rights and freedoms of others.

·        An understanding that Homo Sapiens (wise) must also be Homo Aestheticus (artistic).  This is the basic supposition that art and life cannot be separated.

·        The absolute need to constantly “Lighten Up”.  If life is but a stage, it might as well be a comedy (as opposed to a tragedy).  

“Freedom is living in a cage whose walls are further away than one cares to fly.”  

Diversity of opinions is encouraged.  A caveat on this statement is that the means by which an opinion is voiced or shared should be honest and forthright, i.e. attempts to discredit another’s opinion by innuendo, taking things out of context, attacking a person individually (instead of refuting arguments), or refusing to address legitimate, contrary viewpoints is strongly discouraged.  And underlying philosophy of the community is that the key to tolerance is that even intolerance must be tolerated -- but not necessarily encouraged.  Respectful and effective communications are essential.  

Children are considered “the lifeblood of a community”.  They are also expected to be the full beneficiaries of a substantially modified, strongly pro-student educational system, as well as a community and environment which accepts certain responsibilities in the child’s development in addition to the prime responsibility of the parents.  Children are to have increasing rights as they progress from infancy to adulthood.  These rights are dependent upon the physical and mental maturity of the child (and not strictly by the child’s age), as well as by demonstrated inclination to assume responsibility.

 Obviously, Halexandria is a work in progress.  Constructive (or flattering) comments are welcome.  Just remember that the only way to derive a Community from a City is to insert an “ommun” into the “City”.  (If you really groaned that one, we probably don’t want your comments. <g>)  


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