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Astrology has been around for a very long time -- literally thousands of years before what currently passes for science.  But in the spirit of the angry (and or spoiled) child, science has vilified astrology, to the point where one might be tempted to doubt astrology’s reality.  The fundamental flaw, of course, is that so much of science does not recognize anything outside of its very narrow basis, including such things as Consciousness -- the basis of intelligent life -- and the influence by geometry on experiential aspects of life. Science, in fact, does not accept anything for which it does not have a consensus theoretical basis (everything else is anomalous behavior, which is routinely ignored until a consensus theory is promulgated).  Science has applied reductionism to such an extent that science can truly not see the forest for the trees -- truly the mote in science’s eye.  

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Astrology is a large and extended subject.  As such it does not lend itself to quick and precise answers, mathematical equations and other succinct descriptions, and especially the quick and dirty prognostications found in the local newspaper’s daily horoscopes.  (Virtually all professional astrologers abhor these types of horoscopes!)  Instead, one sees many astrological influences -- sometimes contradictory -- operating in a subject’s life, and it then becomes a matter of weighing the potential influences to grasp where the individual is going.  Science, by contrast, likes to eliminate all of the side effects or distracting annoyances, and limit itself to only the most blatant effect, the “active ingredient”.  But it is in the side-effects and asides that the really part of life resides.  Such is astrology.  

One should also recognize that astrology in this context is "Western Astrology" and is distinct from Chinese Astrology. The latter is really a lunar based astrology (as opposed to a more sun-oriented Western Astrology). Furthermore, in Chinese Astrology there is a decided emphasis on the year of one's birth -- which the Chinese link to the facade or presentation that a person makes to the rest of the world (which was always important in their culture... saving face so to speak). In some respects, this is similar to Western Astrology's "ascendant" or "rising sign". Still there are distinctions. It might in fact make a different for a Scorpio born in the Year of the Dragon and a Scorpio born in the Year of the Dog. This website is primarily about Western Astrology, but for a quick and dirty look at your Chinese Astrology, you can obtain a free forecast at http://www.proastro.com.

Any study of astrology must ultimately be an extensive one.  Thus, this very brief treatise on the subject is really only sufficient to whet the reader’s appetite.  For the local purpose, therefore, only nine subjects will be briefly addressed.  These include:  

            f Philosophical Astrology

            i Determinism and Free Will

            _ Some Bare Basics (just enough to get you into trouble)

            b Chiron (a maverick in the crowd)

            d Synastry (or why so-and-so bugs and/or attracts you so much... and how)

            g Mundane Astrology (worldly considerations)

           e     Geometry and Astrology (there is a connection!)

            e Science and Astrology

            c Applying Astrology (intriguing examples from the real world)

Take your pick, i.e. choose the route most intriguing to you.  You can only become hopelessly lost, preyed on by ravenous wolves, forced to listen to a used car salesperson, or...  Hmmmmm...  Perhaps, you had just better take it one step at a time, and read from start to finish.  Unless, of course, you were born under one of the more adventuresome signs!  Then you probably don’t know any better, don’t care, or would get lost anyway.  Plus which, you probably wouldn’t care that you were lost in the first place.           


For Updates, see also the Halexandria Forum


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