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Most Americans think there’s life on other planets.  Moreover they believe extraterrestrial life is probably more intelligent than anything on the planet Earth.  According to a 1997 Marist Institute for Public Opinion poll, 60 percent said there was intelligent life on other planets, while 40 percent said no.  As for being more or less intelligent, 47 percent chose more intelligent, 13 percent said less intelligent, and 40 percent said about the same.  As Brian Welch, a spokesman for NASA said, “It could be that the American people are taking two and two and coming up with four.”  Or less politically correct, “Duh!”

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Meanwhile, by a margin of 86 percent to only 14 percent, Americans believed galactic neighbors would be friendly rather than hostile.  Which may be nothing more than Americans tend to be friendly to outsiders -- extraterrestrials being decidedly outside.  

Ken Carey, author of Starseed Transmission, when asked if there was intelligent life in other parts of the universe, which was both meaner and more technologically advanced, answered that if they’re meaner than we are, they don’t ever become more technologically advanced.  It’s a nice thought.  But as Pogo Possum’s friend Porky once observed: “Thars only two possibilities:  There is life out there more intelligent than we are, or we’re the most intelligent life in the universe.  Either way, it’s a mighty sobering thought.”

Given the concept that there is extraterrestrial intelligence, and that we’ve done our level best in conducting a search for intelligent Extraterrestrial Life, in order to find them (and/or communicate with them), the next obvious concern is whether or not we are currently being visited on a regular or irregular basis by extraterrestrial intelligences.  Forget for the moment that the Anunnaki, angels, archangels, and the like are aliens of the space world kind.  The question is whether or not there are UFOs manned by UFOlk!  

The Disclosure Project is a significant attempt to bring all the evidence out of the closet (and secret files) with respect to there being extraterrestrials in other-worldly (and thus unidentified) flying craft having been sighted, with their occupants/pilots being met, invited to lunch, and/or abducting human beings for a host of different reasons. Some of this material is contained in the website, http://extraterrestrial-life.net.

[(7/1/7) Another website worth visiting on the subject is UFO Encounters.]

Governments, of course, have been adamant about denying any knowledge of the reality of UFOs or that they might actually be interplanetary or interstellar craft.  They have also denied the events of Roswell, the existence of Area 51 (which even the nightly news has shown to exist, at least on official government documents), and the alleged presence of the Easter Bunny -- despite the continuing clamor by the population at large of: “Show me the Bunny!”  

The government’s position is basically indefensible -- as was the preceding pun.  There is, for example, Space Law, which takes the position of controlling absolutely anyone’s potential access to space thru highly questionable, very narrow-minded laws, and Space Exposure Law which suggests that we must be protected from those Earth people who might be fraternizing with aliens of the extraterrestrial kind.  Essentially, if you encounter an angel or other ET, you may require being quarantined (aka imprisoned) for a very long time.  Ezekiel would have been in deep trouble if such laws were retroactive.  

Small wonder that UFOs are shy about being seen, contacted, or invited to tea.   

UFO sightings might also be considered evidence of on-going “Prime Directive” Violations.  Robert Dean [1] has reported on a 1960s NATO Official Report, of which he became acquainted during his tenure with the organization.  This NATO report concluded that: 1) Earth is being surveyed by several ET civilizations, 2) these civilizations have demonstrated technologies hundreds or thousands of years ahead of Earth’s, 3) there is, apparently, an extraterrestrial plan underway, 4) this plan has been going on for thousands of years, and 5) the extraterrestrials do not appear to be a threat (i.e. there is nothing we could do if they were, a fact which still applies).  Dean goes on to say that were they malevolent, the party would already have been over.  The report was, according to Dean, classified Cosmic Top Secret [a standard classification for Top Secret NATO documents], and is considered the single most sensitive document NATO has.   

Dean also indicated that as of 1964, there were four civilizations including:  1) Four versions of “Grey Dudes” -- who were androids, clones, or lab products, 2) “Tall Dudes”, and 3) a group looking just like us (and thus the scariest!).  By 1976, Dean concluded, there were a hundred different extraterrestrial groups, clearly visitations from other solar systems, other galaxies, and other dimensions.  Dean went on to say, “We are not alone.  We have never been alone.  We have had an intimate relationship with ETs via DNA manipulation, hybrids, and a relationship that is continuing.  Abductions are by one group, working for another essentially unseen group.” [1]  

So, why aren’t UFOs being seen on a regular basis?  Tricia McCannon [2] believes UFO sightings are by people who are momentarily in a higher dimension.  This provides the key to the apparent lack of extraterrestrials in our modern society.  If the extraterrestrials are also interdimensional, operating in the fourth and fifth dimensions (with possibly the Ascended Masters operating in the sixth dimension, according to Melchizedek [3]) then a great deal of the mystery is explainable.  It even accounts for Angels and that particular crowd.  Floyd Hand, a Lakota Indian spiritual advisor, believes that there are over 220 dimensions [4].  That should be enough room for everyone.  

Finally, we might conclude our brief endeavor into this subject by quoting an article by Daniel Kadlec, TIME's Wall Street columnist (who can be reached at  kadlec@time.com), which (obviously) was written during the Clinton Administration and when the stock market was still alive and well.  


“What could cause a stock market crash?  It’s an intriguing question with no real answer, other than some kind of surprise.  My bet is that it would take a whopper. The bull market is so strong that to send the Dow careening would take something truly out of this world.  Here's how it might unfold one day:  

8:30 a.m.: The government reports record low unemployment.  On CNBC economist Stephen Roach at Morgan Stanley declares everyone who wants a job has one.  He expects an inflationary spiral in wages.

9:30 a.m.: The market opens; inflation-wary traders send the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunging 160 points as interest rates soar.  

10:51 a.m.: Individual investors begin buying the hardest-hit stocks, and the market stabilizes; Coca-Cola schedules a press conference for 1 p.m.  

11:01 a.m.: Ed Yardeni at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell and other economists hit the wires saying that rising wages will not lead to inflation in this new era.  Institutions, recalling that folks like Roach have been yelling "fire!" for more than a year, start buying.  The Dow recovers.  

11:37 a.m.: A radio station near Sedona, Ariz., reports a 20-mile UFO -- unconfirmed, as usual; the Dow is rallying, as usual.  

12:49 p.m.: President Clinton refuses to sign a tax-reform bill, and Newt Gingrich proclaims the capital-gains tax-rate cut dead, raising the specter of government gridlock. The Dow surges 200 points because, well, gridlock has been very profitable in the '90s, and now there's no incentive to sell so, heck, buy!  

12:56 p.m.: Saddam Hussein offers proof that he has nukes, and says, by the way, he'd really like to rule Kuwait.  Oil prices soar.  No one thinks about inflation; it's dead.  The Dow jumps to a 265-point gain, led by Chevron and Exxon.  

1:00 p.m.: Coke discloses that a pair of garage scientists has duplicated its famous syrup and is selling the formula worldwide.  Warren Buffett, proclaiming that the company is without intrinsic value, dumps his stake.  Coke shares rise anyway as the company, one of the biggest in the major-stock indexes, benefits from the mindless buying of stock-index funds.  The Dow is up 400 points.  

1:15 p.m.: Arizona state police confirm the presence of a UFO.  It has landed, and aliens are trying to communicate. The rally pauses briefly.  

1:23 p.m.: CNN airs the first photos.  A gauntlet of exterior ray guns is visible, and the UFO is presumed hostile. The Dow is up 500, led by defense contractors, security and firearms companies, and any company that bottles or cans food and drink.  

2:17 p.m.: The aliens are now speaking fluent English.  They aren't hostile after all. They're here to cut a deal: if we leave their ancient burial grounds on Mars alone, they'll give us technology that is 15 centuries ahead of our time. It will enable us to eliminate world illness and suffering instantly and to make society so productive that everyone will enjoy peace and prosperity.  On Wall Street the bottom falls out.  The Pentium chip might as well be a buggy whip; Windows 98 a manual typewriter.  As sky-high tech stocks become worthless, everything follows, and from the elite on Wall Street to the masses in mutual funds, they begin to think maybe, just maybe, they ought not take the deal.  


Everything really depends upon the perspective from which you view things.  

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[2]  McCannon, Tricia, Lecture at the Star Knowledge Conference, Lakota Indian  Reservation, South Dakota, June, 1996.

[3]  Melchizedek, Drunvalo, Lecture at the Star Knowledge Conference, Lakota Indian Reservation, South Dakota, June, 1996.

[4]  Hand, Floyd, Lecture at the Star Knowledge Conference, Lakota Indian Reservation, South Dakota, June, 1996.


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