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The standard procedure of denying or ignoring anything which does not fit a very limited scientific paradigm may be best demonstrated by the lack of attention to and the degree of misinformation being disseminated with regard to what are now known as Crop Circles.  While the media and others have managed a so-far successful campaign against admitting to anything significant in the appearance of crop circles, the reality is that the formations that are appearing all over the world are in many cases beyond an easy explanation.  In effect, many of the formations are simply not capable of being duplicated within the time and secrecy limitations with state-of-the-art equipment.  Even if other -- possibly highly secret -- technologies were responsible, it does not make sense that such “secret technologies” would be advertised by constantly demonstrating their abilities.

Particularly in recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of crop circles which have been designed and created by human beings using readily available tools.  Many of these designs cannot be considered “hoaxes” in that the individuals doing the work are in no manner attempting to mislead others into thinking that the crop circles they’re creating are extraterrestrial in origin.  This is nothing more or less than a Personal Creation by artists in a crop field medium. The fact remains, however, that there have been some crop circles which continue to defy simple explanations in their creation.  It is not really relevant that 90% of the known crop circles might have been created by men using available tools.  If 10% or even just a small number could not have been created in a straightforward manner, then there is a very relevant issue to be investigated.  

One particular case of an anomalous event involved the creation of a circle on the grounds of a home owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber.  These grounds are extremely well guarded with state-of-the-art detection equipment.  When researchers went into the fields to see the new circle which had just been observed from an airplane, they were immediately met by security forces.  The noteworthy point is that the security forces had no clue as to the existence of the formation, much less its creation and anyone involved in the creation.  

In another case, a large formation was discovered near Stonehenge in 1996.  A pilot flying over the area at 5:00 pm -- and looking for crop circles -- did not see anything unusual in the field located just south of Stonehenge.  After landing and driving back by the same area at 5:45 pm, he noticed the formation.  In effect, a formation consisting of 150 circles in a complicated design reminiscent of “Julia sets” in Chaos Theory had been formed within clear sight of the most visited ancient artifact in the world.  Some 7,000 people pass through Stonehenge on an average summer day, with guards on the premises 24 hours a day.  And yet no one saw any movement in the nearby field where the wheat was perhaps three feet high.  Investigators in the field could find no evidence whatsoever that the creation of this formation was done by human beings.           

A third, somewhat notorious example occurred at Oliver’s Castle (northwest of Devizes, England) when a formation appeared in the fields just below this famous landmark at approximately 5:00 am on August 11, 1996.  A camper and amateur photographer was allegedly able to videotape a 17 to 18 second segment during which four balls of light (some 3-4 feet in diameter) appeared, apparently initiating and completing the entire formation virtually instantaneously!   

After this videotape was carefully and exhaustively studied by experts in the field (pardon the pun), it appears that, according to Colin Andrews, Joyce Murphy, and Stuart Conway [1], the film sequence “shows either a very elaborate attempt to fraud or we have secured the most incredibly important UFO and crop circle film footage ever.”  While this example might indeed have been a deliberate hoax, it does not reflect on the credibility of the two previous examples.  The only connection between these three examples is the medium used in what might be described as art work -- in effect, a grass roots art movement.  

In essence, Crop Circles are circles, formations, or other shapes which appear in grains (barley, wheat, rape seed, corn... whatever), and are formed by the grains being laid down to form precise geometric shapes (including circles, but also a vast variety of other designs).  The grain stalks are often bent at 90o angles (sometimes a single stalk may have several bends in order to create the precise geometry), but in all cases the grain continues to grow -- i.e. the stalk is not broken.  Furthermore, the stalks are laid down in specific directions, and sometimes produce specific cross-hatching with one portion being laid at a distinct angle above another group.  Finally, there are often electromagnetic and other phenomena associated with those circles which are “authentic” or whose origin is other than crude attempts to fake it.

Some of the designs in crop circles are amazing and incredible even to artists regularly involved in creating new and unique designs in other media.  Some of the more famous of Crop Circles include” “Barbury Castle” (named for a nearby Iron Age fort near Swindon, England), “The Ickleton Mandelbrot” (which mimics a mathematical cipher used in Chaos Theory, and located 10 miles south and pointing in the direction of Cambridge, England --which is, in turn, one of the principle centers for the study of Chaos Theory), and “The Serpent”, (a one of a kind configuration, laid down in Chilton Foliat, Hungerford, in mid-August 1991).   

Of particular note is the “Milk Hill Agriglyph”, which was formed in early August 1991 at Stanton St. Bernard, Wiltshire, England.  The single line of glyphs (each 12 to 15 feet high) have been likened by Michael Green [2] to an archaic Senzan syllabacy and include in their meaning the sense of “Deity”.  Green believes two of the glyphs refer to “PTAH”, the Creator God of Ancient Egypt, and “ENKI (EA)a’, the Sumerian deity who was known as the God of Wisdom.  

However, what Green failed to point out was that according to Zecharia Sitchin [3] Ptah and Enki are one and the same god. Furthermore, Enki was ostensibly the creator of mankind (along with his half-sister, NINKI).  The possible connection between this unique “crop circle” and the Sumerian / Egyptian traditions cannot be overemphasized!  Sitchin has, for example, suggested that Enki was responsible for the design and construction of Stonehenge in southwest England as well! [4]  

In 1995, a particularly intriguing formation known as “Longwood Warren, Hants”, was formed in wheat -- with the inescapable suggestion of this crop circle being that of a representation of the inner portion of our solar system.  The formation consisted of an outer ring of circles of various sizes possibly representing the asteroid belt, a center circle that of the Sun, and concentric rings between the two being the orbits of the inner planets.  But despite an apparent Mercury, Venus and Mars being included in the design (shown with additional circles at their approximate size), there was no third planet!  In other words, no Earth!  This crop circle, given the quick and dirty interpretation, might give us pause to contemplate the fate of our planet.  

Finally, Ward [5] has connected eight of the major crop circle formations from the 1996 season into a consistent geometry, suggesting the need for a pre-planning and overall design of all of these formations.  The motivation and resources to create all of these formations likely did not come under the purview of human beings.  Other intelligence is probably at work, as the mathematics, geometries, and profoundly philosophic designs are way beyond any possibility of coincidence or natural occurrences.  And if the responsible parties are not human beings...  

To truly appreciate crop circles, it is essential to see the photographs.  For this purpose the curious are invited to links where most every question on the subject can be answered.  Sacred Geometry and other enthusiasts can link to any number of websites, but these unfortunately tend to have limited staying power.  Just search for crop circles and Sacred Geometry, and you'll likely find a lot of good stuff -- complete with gorgeous photographs.

For those who want to see the crop circles of England up close and personal there is Ron Russell and Simeon Hein and their associates at cropcircles.org. These are the same fine people who do the resonant viewing work, in addition to attempting to fully understand the meaning and power of crop circles.


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