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New -- 9 September 2004

Think of O2BNAWE as a bumper sticker. Get it?

(No, there's no such implied association with something called "nawe". "Nawe" is not even a word, although in some locales, "Nawegian" might be. Try again.)

Ahhhhh... yes. It's the proverbial yearning and quest to once again return to The Land of Awe. You remember the location, right? Such south of Oz? North of Never, Never? East of Shangra La? West of Atlantis?

WHAT!!?? You haven't been there? Shirley you jest. (And don't call me Surely.)

Siriusly, when is the last time you were outside on a dark night far from the city and other lights? When is the last time you studied the minute details of a flower? Have you ever been to a first class museum with a major rock and crystal collection? When was the last time? When in fact did you last see things with the eyes of a child? Such places, scenes and times are just the slightest glimmer of the outcroppings of The Land of Awe.

Think of The Land of Awe as depicted in a Bierstadt painting, one filled with towering peaks wreathed in turbulent clouds, a shimmering, deep mountain lake, a shore line of high altitude greenery, waterfalls in the distant, and just the hint of animal and/or human life living in a seeming paradise. It's enough to take your breath away, and then when you do breath, provide the senses with fresh, unpolluted mountain air to refresh your mind and body. [We will of course ignore for the moment that at the lower elevations and in the warmer climes of the rain forest vegetation the presence of dinosaurs and reptiles of the T-Rex persuasion. The big guys never bother us at the higher elevations, and frankly, the occasional sounds of their "relationship encounters" with one another is actually quite pleasant.]

Plans (aka fantasies) are now being formulated for excursions and relocations to The Land of Awe. Sign up via the Feedback mechanism below to reserve your space. The price of admission is currently being negotiated, but will likely require a mere 90 or 95% grasp of the whole of Halexandria and its roughly 3000 external links. Obviously, it's a small price to pay 2BNAWE.


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