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DNA -- Variations on a Theme

New -- 22 August 2003

Updated -- 6 June 2005

For the really good stuff, scroll down to Sex and DNA.  For the basics, keep reading.

DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) is the apparent basis of terrestrial life.  Its chemical structure, which is fundamental to genes and chromosomes, is the famous double helix.  This structure consists of two strands of genetic material spiraling around each other.  Both strands contain a sequence of bases (nucleotides) -- with each base being one of four chemicals: adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine.  The two strands of DNA are connected at each set of two nucleotides, with the proviso that each base will only bond with one other base, i.e., adenine (A) will only bond with thymine (T), and guanine (G) will only bond with cytosine (C).  Imagine... at the very base of life, there is already cliques and exclusivity!  (It also includes a reference to nines.)

More information on this topic can be found at the Halexandria Forums.

Time Magazine's cover story of February 17, 2003 is perhaps one of the best sources for a wide range of information on DNA.  The site includes great graphics.  For example, click on: "How DNA works."

There is also an excellent narrative on: "the breathless details of the pursuit of the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA."  There is the hint of Linus Pauling's supporters trying to make the case that Watson and Crick were basically lucky, and benefited from Pauling (and other's) work.  Well, yeah, that's how science works.  In any case, the authors expect that their website "will serve as a primary reference point for individuals interested in the history of DNA -- both researchers and lay people alike."  Good luck, guys.

Sex and DNA

Okay, we were just kidding.  There is no sex on this webpage -- see Sacred Orgasm if you're really... well... you know... focused.

However, there are included herein five intriguing Variations on a Theme, featuring:

        1)  DNA as an aspect of Sacred Geometry,

        2)  The link between genealogy and Mitochondrial DNA,

        3)  The Astrology of DNA,

        4)  The possible species and class attributes of DNA, and

        5)  The possibilities included in "junk DNA".


The idea of DNA being geometrical is pretty obvious.  DNA is, after all, a double helix and it really doesn't work if it's not in that shape, i.e. geometry!  A single helix is, of course, a spiral curve (for example, a corkscrew and/or the coiled spring of a watch).  In anatomy it is the rim of the external ear.  It is also, geometrically, a curve that cuts a line on a solid cone or cylinder at a constant angle with the axis.  Watson and Crick's success in describing DNA is largely one of figuring out the geometry of the nucleotides.

A fascinating aspect is that the double helix can twist, turn, and in general form all manner of other geometrical shapes.  This property fulfills the greatest of expectations when one realizes that aesthetically pleasing shapes are inevitably formed by thoughts of love, joy and compassion, while jagged, disruptive shapes are created by thoughts of envy, hate, and/or voting Republican.  This sort of thing has actually been discovered in laboratories -- but obviously those laboratories not funded by the current administration in Washington, DC.  It also shows up in water exposed to human thoughts!

The human body is, after all, primarily water -- about 70% of the physical mass being H2O.  It follows that if Consciousness can be instrumental in Creating Reality, then that same consciousness should be capable of modifying water -- and thus the body!  This effect can be seen at Water Messages, where the transformation of water into beautiful structures -- as well as samples charged by negativity -- can be realized.   

For the healthy consciousness, we obtain “an exquisite crystalline transformation of water” -- i.e. “we are constantly transforming the living energy around us and within us, creating crystalline shapes of harmony and divine resonance -- with positive thoughts, compassion, meditation, generosity, etceteras.”  

Genealogy and Mitochondrial DNA

Mitochondrial DNA made the news when in a revolutionary (and still very controversial) article concerning the strange species of Homo sapiens sapiens, Rebecca Cann [1] asserted that roughly 275,000 years ago, a single, solitary woman living in sub-Saharan Africa became the world’s one common grandmother.  Ms. Cann did not go on to state that this greatest of grannies was named "Eve", but nevertheless her radical, innovative idea -- based on "restriction mapping of Mitochondria DNA (which can only be passed maternally from the mother) -- came to the conclusion of a single mommy of mankind.  [One can only wonder where Daddy was off to.]

Michael Brown, in his book, The Search for Eve [2], greatly expanded on this idea, tracing “Eve’s” birthday to between 140,000 and 290,000 years ago, and the origin and spreading out of Africa of her descendants between 90,000 and 180,000 years ago.

For our purposes here, mitochondrial DNA has the unique characteristic that it is transmitted only via the female line.  You can get it from your mommy, but not from your daddy.  It's a female, chick thing.

Genealogically it has been the preference of a passionately patriarchal society to keep careful records of which son was born of which father.  The fact there is phenomenally little relationship to the actual genetic transmission of a father's genes to his alleged son and the societal view of a father being the only transmitter for any given son, has never seemingly phased the his-torical genealogy. 

As Laurence Gardner has pointed out [3], however, the truly relevant genealogy is the lineage of mother to daughter to grand-daughter and so forth.  Mary Magdalene is thus more important genealogically than her husband, Jesus Christ!  [You're probably now beginning to suspect why some of this research is ever so slightly controversial.]  By the same token, it was vitally important for Prince Charles of England to marry Diane Spencer in order to have a son with her enormously more prized genetic heritage.  Princess Di was, in fact, more qualified to sit on the English throne than any of the current Windsor family with their decidedly Germanic heritage.

Accordingly, it becomes apparent... a parent? (pardon the pun)... that who your mommy was is more important than who your daddy was.  It's also much more obvious who is giving birth in terms of identifying one's parents.  This matriarchal emphasis is actually still important to Orthodox Judaism in that by strict interpretation, one can only be Jewish by having a Jewish mother.  Having a patriarch with the name Goldstein is not in and of itself sufficient.

The importance of this is specifically incorporated in the Sumerian tales of the Anunnaki where a child born of the union of a brother and his half-sister is given precedence over other, possibly older siblings.  It is this precedence which explains the ascendancy of the younger Isaac over his half-brother Ishmael due to the fact that Abraham's wife, Sarah, was also his half-sister.

Why should the female line be more important?  There are probably as many reasons as there are females on the planet, but a couple of the more rational ones include the fact that the female is the creator and repository of life (while the male is there primarily to give a "jump start" to the initiation of the life process). 

A second reason is undoubtedly linked to the Star Fire and the life-extending properties of the menstrual blood of The Great Goddess.  The fact the mitochondrial DNA lineage is restricted to the female genealogy is sufficient cause for a wholesale revision of society's perception of history.

A third reason the mitochondrial DNA is important is connected to the astrological aspects of DNA.


The mitochondrial DNA is located within the outer layer of a cell's nucleus -- essentially the cell wall.  During the period when a fetus is still in the womb, the developing cell's outer layer is in a constant state of flux.  In some respects, it resembles a set of antennas which are tuned to external stimuli in order to initiate the purposes of the cell.  The cell itself is more equivalent to a set of filing cabinets containing blueprints for future action(s).  The antennas are thus the triggers to when the cell takes action.

At the moment of birth, however, the fluctuating nature of the antenna settles down and becomes fixed in place.  The timing of one's birth is thus important -- provided that the external stimuli of planetary movements is important.  Astrology assumes precisely this theoretical position.  In effect, the cell's antennas -- the mitochondrial DNA -- align themselves to the geometry associated with the planetary movements (including more importantly, the relative positions of the Sun and Moon to the Earth).  Furthermore, the timing of future events in the life of the individual will be in part determined by the future geometrical alignment of the planets (the external stimuli).  The latter gives astrology the power to predict.

Meanwhile, the nature of the mitochondrial DNA is fundamental to the potential of the astrological natal chart of each and every individual.  It is the planetary alignment at birth which sets the mitochondrial DNA antenna in their receiving modes.  It is also worth noting that the astrological natal chart of the mother is intricately tied to that of each of her offspring.  This includes the timing of the mother's death -- an aspect which can be linked to the charts of her children.  This aspect is mind-boggling to say the least.

Species and Class

But mind-boggling is only the beginning.  It gets stranger still -- and considerably more speculative and theoretical.  (Which is almost always the case.)

People throughout the world are exceedingly different from each other.  Besides the obvious fact that it would be difficult to confuse a German with an Italian -- see for example, the movie, Mostly Martha -- there are even substantial differences between Western and Eastern human beings.  Besides the obvious distinction between Oriental, Caucasian and Negroid, there are numerous other distinctions.  Even with the similarities of people such as the North American Indians and Tibetans, there are variations on a theme which lend themselves to ever greater categorizations.

These distinctions arise in everyday life when one encounters another alleged member of Homo sapiens sapiens for the first time.  Often there is an immediate like or dislike -- emotions of which there is no rational explanation from the narrow confines of modern psychology.  [Although, there are a lot of psychologists who don't like anyone very much -- a feeling which is often decidedly mutual.] 

It's as if the two individuals are from wholly different species.  Maybe they are.

With the potential for multiple violations of the so-called "prime directive", there is the clear possibility that in fact humans have a vastly different heritage, and in effect are the descendents of different extraterrestrial species.  All the theories of life on Earth beginning with cosmic seeding takes on a whole new meaning when one considers that the extraterrestrial "sons of God" -- the ones who "saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose" [Genesis 6:2]-- may have been from more than one extraterrestrial race/species.  (6/6/05) See also below where the ET aspect is further developed -- but from a whole new perspective.

http://www.vibrani.com/cloning.htm states unequivocally that "cloning is how humans were created.  The Anunnaki, or Elohim, did indeed create modern human by combining [their] DNA with that of homonids in order to have continuation of [their] civilization and to create a race to workers."  Numerous authors claim the same basic scenario is fundamentally part of history/herstory.  The extension to other extraterrestrial species is simply a matter of recognizing that if one race can arrive on the wings of a comet, so to speak, then why not others?

This may sound crazy, but then your ancestors are probably from the Pleiades and what did they ever know?  If on the other hand your heritage is from Sirius, then you can probably understand this in a more logical and rational fashion.  Siriusly!

Of course, over the course of generations, many of the distinctive characteristics of a particular extraterrestrial inspired species might tend to slip away and be lost in the horizontal shuffle.  Unless, of course, one is fanatically interested in the "purity of the race".  From the crazed Aryan race ideas of Adolph Hitler to the Jewish decided preference for marrying within the faith, to the Hindu caste system, to the attempted passing of Republican genes from father to son... the idea of pure bloodlines may in fact be an unconscious attempt to maintain one's particular species "pure".

There are, for example, the "blue bloods" -- commonly thought of as royal blood -- with its attendant strong emphasis on keeping common blood out of the flow, so to speak. There may in fact be something to the fact that blue bloods have a distinctive DNA, which sets them apart.  In point of fact, royal genealogy is basically an exercise in attempting to prove one's lineage to Jesus Christ, King David, Abraham and Adam -- all members of the chosen class selected by various members of the Anunnaki.  It is this class of human beings which perpetuates the idea that some are destined to rule (them), while others (us) are destined to follow (or alternatively, us knowingly or unknowingly being subservient to the blue bloods). 

There are research efforts under way which are attempting to isolate genes which contribute to significant creativity in fields as diverse as science and music [3].  A corollary to this effort would be to show the appropriate genes of anyone which distinguishes them as members with the proper heritage and consequent right to be a member of the ruling class, and thus a member of the Aristocracy.

Why would DNA be a rational reason for claimed superiority? 

Allegedly, the alleged superiority of the DNA of the ruling class -- from the time of the Adam's family, through History 009's lineage of would-be kings and queens, and to the marriage of Charles and Di to the machinations of Heir Apparent -- is based upon this DNA being originated from the original Star Fire (and later ORME) fed diets of the anointed kings of antiquity.  The theory is that such a diet would have genetic implications for rulership.  The idea that in one version of the history all humans beings are half-breeds of the Anunnaki and Homo erectus is simply something to be ignored for purposes of rule and control.

Even beyond the abyss between royalty and commoner -- which due to unofficial and wholly unauthorized begetting by various royals with commoners making the distinction considerably less distinct -- there is still the possibility that extraterrestrials other than the Anunnaki might have had their progeny on Earth.  And thus the original distinctive characteristics of different species cleverly disguised as Homo sapiens sapiens is nothing more than an illusion.

Another reason for the loss of certain species identification may also be contained in what is typically referred to as "junk DNA".

Junk DNA

Junk DNA is not necessarily DNA associated with politicians, but rather what is apparently unused DNA.

There are thirty aspects of DNA that mainstream science has been unable to decode their purpose.  Scientifically they have no apparent use.  They're junk.  Similarly, the average human uses only 15% of their brain -- a fact pretty well recognized in science to the point that no one really disputes it. 

Less commonly accepted is the idea that within the junk DNA are attributes which distinguish sub-species within the larger species of Homo sapiens sapiens.  Of perhaps more significance, however, is the potential for other human characteristics being included -- but unrealized - in the junk DNA. See below!

The important and highly relevant question is what is the purpose of the junk DNA?  At the same time, what is the purpose of the other 85% of the brain we don't currently use?   Even better we might ask:  Did we evolve a brain we don't useDid we evolve DNA that is just junk

One answer to the latter, all-important question is that we had, at one time, a higher state of enlightenment.  In other words, we used to work with all of the brain and all of the DNA.  But somewhere along the road we degraded, or "fell from grace" -- or were, more likely, pushed from grace -- to the state we exist in now.  Human beings, or their ancestors, having once been in a higher state of being or enlightenment may be the only viable reason for the excess brain power and the junk DNA!  Clearly, there is no survival advantage to having evolved a brain or DNA that isn't being used. More likely, mankind evolved and used the whole brain at some point.

However, there is also the possibility that other, more evolved DNA was bred into man!  This would account for the potential quantum leap from Homo erectus to Homo sapiens sapiens.  It could also be called, "Divine Intervention" -- provided that such intervention was "divine" only in the sense of Gnosticism whereby the god doing the interventing was not an omnipotent, omniscience, creator of the universe being, but rather a member of a seriously dysfunctional family.  Furthermore, it must be understood that any such intervention is more on the other of a violation of the prime directive, and is not necessarily an act considerate of human feelings on the subject.

Critically important is the related question of what happened in the interim -- when did the junk DNA and the larger portion of the brain cease to be used?  [And we're not just talking about the debacle in the Florida voting in 2000.]  When did humans fall from the grace of having a full deck of DNA?  Better yet, why did we cease to use all the gray matter and double helix capabilities?

The idea of falling from grace is probably garbage.  More like being pushed.  More on the order of The Tower of Babel fiasco wherein the equivalent of a computer virus was inserted into the human communications system.

(6/6/05) More recently, New Findings have derived further evidence of "junk DNA" being "no less than the genetic code of an unknown extraterrestrial life form." This article briefly describes a project to make sense of the DNA coding from a software or computer based analystical research. Not only did the researchers come to the conclusion that our DNA has extraterrestrial origins, but that large parts of the junk DNA produce under certain circumstances cancer-related proteins.

"This explains why diseases result in cell damage and their death, whereas cancers lead to cell reproduction and growth. Because only a few fragments from the big code are expressed, they never lead to coherent growth."

While the researchers believe they have found a reason for cancer, a "why", they still do not feel that science is currently able to do anything about it. In brief, "there is no hope on the horizon."

However... the researchers also noted that "genes by themselves are not enough to explain evolution; there must be something more in the game." But that if there is some sort of computer programmer for the genetic code -- an engineer, Microsoft programmer from Mars, or a god -- there is the assumption -- a VERY BIG assumption -- that any software program will have the option for improvement or upgrade!

"Ingenious here is, that the upgrade is already enclosed -- the 'junk DNA' is nothing more than hidden and dormant upgrade of our basic code! We know for some time that certain cosmic rays have power to modify DNA. With this in mind, [a] plausible solution is available. The extraterrestrial programmers may use just one flash of the right energy from somewhere in the Universe to instruct the basic code to remove all the [blocking code] signals, fuse itself with the big code ('junk DNA') and jumpstart working of our whole DNA. That would change us forever, some of us within months, some of us within generations. The change would not be too much physical, (except no more cancers, diseases and short life), but it will catapult us intellectually. Suddenly, we will be in time comparable to coexistence of Neanderthals with Cromagnons. The old will be replaced giving birth to a new cycle. The complete program is elegant, very clever self-organizing auto-executing, auto-developing software for a highly advanced biological computer with build-in connection to the ageless energy and wisdom of the Universe. Software wise, within us is either short and diseased life, or potential for super-intelligent super-being with a long and healthy life. This triggers puzzling questions -- was the reduction to the basic code done by sloppy programmers in a rush (as it appears to us), or was the disabling of the big code [a] purposeful act which can be cancelled by a 'remote control' whenever desired?" [emphasis added]

The fascinating aspect is that this independently derived vision nevertheless still works with respect to the Halexandrian theory of the genetic code manipulation being done by the Anunnaki, or more specifically Enki and Ninhursag. But the latter connection suggests that the currently installed blocking of the code may have been done for what might best be described as politically based motives. In other words, the gods (i.e. the Anunnaki) were fearful of too much competition from their creation.

"And the Lord God [Enlil] said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil; and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever: Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.' [Genesis 3:22-23}

The question remains as to whether or not Enki's software coding requires an external signal -- "just one flash of the right energy from somewhere in the Universe" -- in order to switch on the "junk DNA" in order to create a super-human out of a mere human... OR... perhaps the key to unblocking the codes -- the signal -- is somehow available to everyone. It's just a matter of each individual finding just the right signal to transform their DNA (i.e. activate their junk DNA in a coherent fashion) in order for that specific individual to lay claim to the super-human status. Keep in mind that various signals do exist to initiate fragments of the junk DNA into a cancer-growth scenario. The trick is to find the very specific signal which will initiate the coherent program.

The technique wherein portions of our DNA were restrained to the level of junk might have been radical changes to our diet!  Heaven only knows our diets have been blamed for everything else!  But it might also a staple of the reason (pardon the pun). 

Specifically, our lack of feeding our soul, our ka, with the Star Fire or ORME may be the primary reason for humans' diminished capacities.  (There is also the possibility that there's been another from of intervention -- one which turned off the extra DNA and brain power -- but this might not have been needed, if a critical component of the human diet was made unavailable.)

The Bible quotes Moses as informing the Hebrew People, "You have not kept the covenant, and so the manna is being taken from you.  But it will come back in the end times, when we will then be a nation of high priests and not an elect high priesthood."  Allegedly, what Moses was referring to was the food of the gods, the light humans take into their bodies.  Apparently, migrating humans were simply denied the ORME.

Secrets, however, are difficult to keep, and the evidence is strong that the Essenes of Qumrun had access to the ORME -- with the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ directly benefiting from this knowledge.  According to The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered [4], in ancient times, when the white powder was mixed in water, it was known as "The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus."  It was called, "That which issues from the mouth of the creator.  The spittle.  Not the word of God, but the spittle of God, the semen of the father in heaven."  If one puts the white powder of gold in water, it doesn't really dissolve.  It forms a gelatinous suspension, which looks just like a vial of semen. 

The idea is that with adding to one's diet the ORME, every cell in the body can be taken back to the way it's supposed to be.  The white powder allegedly perfects the DNA.  It flows the light until one literally reaches the point where the light body exceeds the physical body.  Just as the physical body must be fed in order to grow in the way it's meant to grow, one also has to feed the ka.  Instead of sitting there like a runt, it can grow, add enlightenment to the human experience, and literally light up the planet.

Jesus Christ said to his disciples, "Don't touch me, I don't have on my earthly garments."  When they asked, "When will we see you again?" he replied, "When you have prepared the proper food and have on your proper garments."  What is the proper food?  Perhaps it's the food of the angels, the food of the gods, the manna, the 'What is it?, the ORME, the ORMUS, the Star Fire.  The proper garment may be the human aura, the superconducting Meisner field.  Literally, the new and improved human can be about a thousand times what humans are now.

DNA Potentialities

This DNA thing is a subject which -- even after fifty years of research -- has implications beyond the wildest imaginations.  But just for starters consider the following idea.

A baby giraffe upon being born is dropped from several feet to a hard landing, and yet needs to pull itself together and learn to run within hours if not minutes in order to escape predators.  A cat can jump to five to eight times its height, and regularly violates angular momentum "laws" by always landing on its feet.  Ants take "lift dat bale, tote dat barge" to new heights.  Animals of every stripe and spot, from the tree squirrel to a grizzly bear, have physical abilities which comparatively speaking, are lights years ahead of humans.  The ability of trout to accelerate in pursuit of a meal is prodigious -- and likely uses Connective Physics on a regular basis.

Humans are in fact slow beyond belief in their physical prowess.  Of all of nature's attempts at survival experts, humans have the physiques of a species destined for short term extinction.  Mental capabilities have made up for much of the physical weakness, but as everyone knows, a little thinking can be a dangerous thing.

Why is this?  Why are humans so miserably ill equipped to survive without a lot of help from their friends?  Humans are certainly not the only social animal, and yet they are the most socially dependent by far.  Did nature miscalculate with humans, or is the species simply not playing with a full deck?

The latter seems to be the most likely scenario.  The junk DNA and the brain excess capacities would suggest humans are only ten to fifteen percent there.  But by the very realization of this -- along with using a combination of the ORME, Creating Reality, and Connective Physics (and the elimination of all the negatives and useless thoughts and/or emotions) -- humans should be able to reach stunning new heights.

This Variations of a Theme is accordingly a work in progress, particularly when the possibilities exist of Indigo Children and free, downloadable DNA upgrades for the average human being currently running about the planet. The current crop of humans may simply constitute the introduction of a theme.  It's now time for an extensive development phase followed by a glorious exposition of all the fantastic possibilities.

Hum a few bars and see if you recognize the tune.

More information on this topic can be found at the Halexandria Forums.


[1] Cann, Rebecca L., Stoneking, Mark, Wilson, Allan C., “Mitochondria DNA and human evolution”, Nature, Vol. 325, January 1, 1987.

[2] Brown, Michael, The Search for Eve, Harper Perennial, New York, 1990.

[3] Laurence Gardner, private communication, 2002.

[4] R. Eisenman & M. Wise, The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered, Penguin, New York, 1992.


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